Hi, umm most of you don’t know me most likely, but I’ve had this idea for this valentine’s story well since at least last Valentine’s Day. So what does this have to do with you? Well my plan is to create a story where there is almost all pairings you can imagine within limit. So what I need right now is pairings. All pairings. Give me your crack pairings, your pairing of hatred, your fem/fem pairings, your guy/guy pairings, and even your OTP for life. Each and every one, within reason, will be put in. I swear.  

Just understand they won’t be really taken seriously. It’s basically going to be as cracky as possible and mostly just for hilarity. But come on silliness is something that should be enjoyed.

In case you didn’t read just take a WordGirl pairing and reply. Thanks. 

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  2. voiceactresskurutta said: ButcherxDupey, Huntoria, uhm… The Rope Guy and that fangirl who ignored him! XDDD Exposition Guy and his wife from that one episode! :D I can try to think of more later, if you need more, but I’m sure you’ll get enough. XD
  3. an-endless-secret said: Tobey/WordGirl!!!!:DD Uhmm… Violet/Scoops, Lady Redundant Woman/Two Brains!!:DD
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